Efficient, Hygienic & Sustainable Packaging Solutions

We produce high quality rotogravure printed flexible laminates, labels and pouches catering to the flexible packaging needs of myriad of industries namely food & beverages, chips & snacks, biscuits & confectionery, soaps & detergents, tea etc. employing highly skilled labor and state of the art printing, laminating, slitting and bag making machinery.


Reverse printing, Surface printing

Gravure printing process, commonly known as Rotogravure, employs web presses equipped with laser engraved cylindrical plates to obtain high quality printing of images and transparencies. The gravure printing is used in the manufacturing of food and non-food packaging, as well as labels, decorative wall coverings, transfer printing and has a variety of application in other segments of industry.

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Two layer, Three layer lamination

Laminating is a process through which two or more substrates are bonded together using an adhesive, employing specialized solvent less/solvent based lamination machines. The lamination process improves the barrier properties, stability and strength of flexible packaging substrates for use in food and non-food packaging and other applications.

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Laminated 3 layered structures of PET/MPET/LDPE or 2 layered structures of PET/LDPE are converted into different types of bags employing fully automated bag making machines. The formation of bags could be three side sealed, center sealed, four side sealed, stand up pouch, zipper bag etc. These high quality rotogravure printed bags are commonly used for packing of rice, detergents, tea, sugar, confectionery, ketchup, mayonnaise, snacks, gloves, henna, pesticides, etc.

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